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back to article Intel and friends in $3.5bn tech stimulation

At a speech delivered at the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC, this morning, Intel's president and chief executive officer Paul Otellini said that the chip maker was spearheading a $3.5bn investment by itself and venture and established tech companies to cultivate new tech companies and thereby create jobs. Otellini's …


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What say Intel director Donahoe?

I can't image Intel director John Donahoe agreeing with this waste of funds that could otherwise be used to even better compensate executives and directors. What say you John, is this an idea you voted for? The only stimulation that John Donahoe understand is self-stimulation.

Thumb Up

USA. It's future tech that has fallen and can't get up

RIght about the US Gov not investing in the future. The Gov just shot down NASA from going forward with projects that would have created new technologies. It takes new technology for the future and the Mars and moon missions the US Gov stopped would have brought that. Yup the US is doomed to be the next third world if something about it's falling tech sector.

Paris Hilton

shouldn't that read

massive orgy of self-stimulation? This is el Reg, after all...


Sounds like a rant.

"if Intel could shift everyone but the top brass overseas where labor laws are looser and the pay is lower and not face political wrath, it damned well would"

That sounds like a strong anti-capitalist and/or anti-globalisation rant.

I do not attempt to say either way whether that is a good or a bad thing. Interesting though. Food for thought.

So gov is the only think keeping the big comp remotely ethical is it. Also v interesting.

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