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back to article Best Buy trumpets UK store openings

Best Buy opens its first UK outlet, a superstore with with a 50,000 sqft shop floor, in Lakeside, Thurrock, in May. Best buy logo Best Buy, America's biggest consumer electronics chain, has also pencilled "big box" store openings in June for Southamption and Merry Hill, West Midlands, and later this year for Aintree, near …


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Anonymous Coward

They should be tried under the trade description act

Best Buys they certainly aren't.

Like DSGI, people use them as places to go to see the items then buy them online much cheaper and with much better service.


The price isn't the problem...

Never mind a price war, how about a customer service war?

Thumb Up

Can't come soon enough

I don't imagine I'll be frequenting Best Buy that often, but *anything* that brings competition to the rob-dogs at Currys is a great thing.


Competition in the UK

'Is it too much to ask for a price war?' - we don't have competition in the UK (compared to the US), the variation in prices between the majority of suppliers is usually only a few percent.


Odd bunch..

The store in Southampton has been built for months, but just sat there all lit up but closed. Meanwhile the currys / pc world just round the corner has gone through a total overhaul and re-opened as one of their mega store type places.

Why best buy didn't open up then I don't know - would of been a good time as currys had limited stock and even shut totally for 2 weeks.

Still not going to open for another few weeks yet..


Race to the bottom

There will be no customer service war with Best Buy in the sense you are hoping for. What you will have is one more sadistic tech mistresses who will take all your money, make you feel inadequate and angry, and leave you feeling hopeless.

Anonymous Coward

Now the Britz can get ripped off!

Trust me, my UK brothers and sisters.... you are about to get no lubrication as you are bent over at BB. While I am not familiar with your options on the isle, I can tell you that BB is consistently 25%-35% higher than most E-retailers here in the USA. One good thing, at least here in the USA, BB is not commissioned sales but they do make money on selling their horridly expensive "service plans" which are outrageous and are consistently beaten by SquareTrade and other after-market insurance plans.

While competition may seem the best order for the day, I would be VERY surprised if BB was not in collusion with other retailers about price fixing and bait-and-switch routines that BB does on a regular basis.

I am anxious to learn if BB in the UK is OK or NO.

This topic is closed for new posts.



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