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back to article IBM raids Oracle-Sun hardware channel

IBM has been chasing customers using Sun Microsystems' Sparc-based servers for more than a decade. Now that Sun is part of the much-stronger Oracle collective, Big Blue is trying a different tactic - going after the channel partners who distribute Sun systems. To get Sun Oracle resellers interested in switching to peddling …


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Makes cents!

I know, terrible pun, but it is definately the right strategy to take. As Sun got weaker and weaker in the last few years it became more and more dependent on the channel to keep it in customer accounts. Indeed, Sun salesbods always used to brag to me about how tight the relationship was between Sun and so many top resellers. Many assumed nothing would change when Oracle bought Sun. A reseller rep even told me he was looking forward to adding Oracle products to his Sun portfolio.

Then Larry said he wanted to go direct and take all the top 4000 accounts from those same resellers that had been so loyal to Sun, but would leave them all the low-end and low-margin accounts to farm. Which was funny seeing as those resellers had the relationship into those 4000 accounts and Soreacle didn't have the salesforce to hand to unseat the resellers.

I expect hp and IBM to making cooing noises to all those ex-Sun resellers, and that is only good for us customers as more money from the vendors means more leeway for the resellers to drop prices and still make a profit! ;)

Anonymous Coward


I thought Sammy wanted to get out of the hardware market. Oh wait, he just wanted all the engineers out of the hardware division... sorry, I'm confused... IBM's losing brainshare to pretty much everyone...


Even Stranger...

IBM at one time had a 'go to market' strategy saying IDS (Informix Dynamic Server) was the OLTP engine of choice. I guess the Information Management Pillar forgot to tell the hardware folks of their vision.

So yeah, IBM yet again loses another potential competitive advantage.

But hey! What do I know?

This topic is closed for new posts.



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