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back to article Seagate intros 'universal' external hard drives

Hard drive maker Seagate has revamped its range of external HDDs, restyling the line as the FreeAgent GoFlex series - drives with a proprietary interface that feeds standard ports through adaptor cables. The notion is simple. You buy your drive, which comes with a USB 2.0 adaptor, but if you want to, say, take advantage of …


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Great Idea!

'cos I just don't feel I have enough cables to carry around! I could get on board if the cables were £4.99 and you got your choice of cable adapter included in the price of the drive.


If a cable costs more than a fiver...

...then it's unlikely I'm buying that cable. It's proprietary stuff like this that continually pisses me off. I don't even pay more than a few quid for HDMI cables - $30 for a USB adaptor on an external drive?

Bike. Yours. Get on.


I want one!

..but only because in the bottom pic it looks like a happy, winking rabbit..*

* I said 'winking'

Silver badge

I'm with Tony Smith

I don't see the point.


Re: $20-40; UK prices haven't been made public yet

Ooh, as a wild stab in the dark let's go for £20-£40.

There, fixed it for you.

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