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back to article Larry wants triple money back from Micron

"You over-charged us. We want triple damages." That's the essence of an Oracle lawsuit against Micron, filed last Friday in San Jose. As reported by Bloomberg, Oracle, the well-known touchy-feely company, claims Micron over-charged it when its acquired Sun business bought some $2bn of DRAM chips in the 1998 - 2002 period. In …


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So, if they succeed (and if they do, the world is pretty badly broken, but let's leave that aside for the moment) can all the Sun customers who bought memory products using Micron chips sue Sun for a refund?


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SUN and over-charging for memory chip.s

Nice little irony here - try comparing SUN memory prices with the third party compatible (roughly 4:1 ration). Of course put the latter in and you are going to imperil your hardware support, not just for the memory, but for the whole machine.

Of course, SUN are not alone in this. It's standard practice for comparable manufacturers.

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Way to go!

Micron (and others) should pay a heavy fine that will make them remember NOT to do again. It doesn't matter if it's Oracle or anyone else.

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Big Brother

Old Dog, New Tricks? No Way, Jose.

A Sure Sign that Oracle and Larry are struggling in the New Virtual Order of Things.

Big Brother knows, you know.

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How come Larry is getting so horny?

Seems like Oracle is trying to improve it's bottom line by getting additional cash-flow through the courts.

Kind of late to look for a refund/price reduction.


if you cant innovate, litigate.

All oracle can do these days is purchase and sue. Just wait til the backstabbers try to shut down MySQL and Java by taking the whole open source community to court.

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