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back to article Computacenter wins bus contract

Computacenter has won a £14m contract to supply desktop support and PC supply at 650 offices and bus stations run by FirstGroup. Bus company FirstGroup has 5,500 computer users. It runs 8,500 buses and four franchise train services. The five-year contract will include running a central help desk, sourcing hardware. …


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the maths

14 million divided by 5500 = 2 545.45455

Silver badge

Over 5 years

= £509 pa

The article only mentions hardware and first-line support, but if the contract included software, networking and printing (which is what I'd be looking for, to give me one neck to choke) that looks quite cheap.


Do the Math Part 2

Why do you work one dimensionally?

How uneconomical would it be to have a news agent that only can sell one type of newspaper to only one person per shop per day...

The same people that support those 5500 users also support thousands and thousands of other users throughout Europe and the Middle East, South Africa and parts of the USA. In the great scheme of things, £14mil is not an awful lot for a company like Copmputacenter but when it is multiplied serveral times then they make much $$


Worst bus?

If they get computers and support equivalent to their fleet and customer service, there's going to be a lot of jobs going for VIC20 CBM BASIC qualified misanthropes.



And it wont make them run on time any more than they do already in Norwich, despite Route changes and fair enhancements!


My first thought on seeing that headline

Was that they were now running bus services.

I'll stop thinking up puns on crashing now.


One way ticket downtown driver please

well now that they're being third party dog's in larger contracts to the likes of cap gemini etc who beat them in the tender process then get them in at reduced rates...they need all the help they can get.

And maybe a free bus pass or two since the CEO's helicopter got sold.


Another fail.....

Haha.....what it doesn't say is how much was wasted on the last 5 year deal - which had to be exited early due to monumental failures!

Based on what was paid then, and now - I can't see how this will be any better at less than a 1/3rd of the cost.


Anonymous Coward

1.5 computer users per bus

Overheads much?

This topic is closed for new posts.


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