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back to article IBM bags £15m borders deal

The Home Office has awarded a support deal to extend the use of its Semaphore border system, following the cancellation of the e-Borders contract. The government awarded the support deal to IBM without a competition, as it said that as the current supplier it is the "only possible provider" capable of keeping Semaphore in action …


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Boeing has got the border security boot in the US; why does anyone think the UK can succeed?

The lauded e-border security system custom built by Boeing has just gotten the boot as a failure on the Mexican border.

Why on earth does the UK think it can be any more successful after centuries of being given the run-around by smugglers? Britain is perfect for surreptitious entry, all you need is a row boat. Then the illegals melt into the ethnic areas and another one wins.

People smugglers and would be illegal immigrants are a determined lot and have more tricks than you think.

The fact that the police stopped hundreds of thousands of people, with a handful of 'hits' - none terrorist - is indicative of the failure that should be expected unless the public is prepared to submit to an even more rigorous regime than those already rejected by the pols and the citizens.

One answer is to make countries of departure more attractive so people might be persuaded to stay home.


her's hoping

That the more insane elements of the previous eborders scheme will be dropped such as requiring yachts to file passage plans before departure online only.

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Sailing plan filings

Dumb ideas like these are easily defeated by filing proposed trips both short and long, whether to another destination or just around the bay.

After getting swamped with junk they will give up anyway.

A Home Affairs Select Committee report concluded that 'the e-Borders programme is likely to be illegal under the EU Treaty. Not that this small detail ever bothered previous governments. (Think DNA)

Anyway, how can five high-speed clapped out ex-Navy cutters, which will patrol the country's coastline, do much other than waste fuel and show the flag. Another security joke. Except it is costed at £1.2 billion.

Anonymous Coward

Bit misleading

The eborders programme has not been cancelled, just the contract with Ratheon to deliver it - which they failed to do on time, hence the extension of semaphore.


A good indicator of impending failure

Taking out the main contractors is kind of like degutting the program.

Since Labour wrote contractor friendly purchase agreements it will likely cost taxpayers a bundle.

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Don't shout too much

With 16% graduate unemployment for IT (the worst) we need the work in the industry. If UK Government wants to throw money at IT, I for one am only too happy to take it.

Oh, and picking one or two features of eBorders you don't like, doesn't make the whole thing a waste of time. I look forward to your replies once you have seen the PQQ and RFS documentation, read it and understood it.


Perhaps you can explain ...

how you know who will be aboard your tub 24 hours ahead of sailing?

Also, how you can you possibly know the state of the passenger health, again, 24 hours before you sail.

Obviously the noodle brain in Whitehall has never been sailing.

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