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back to article HP pays off investigators

The Department of Justice has accepted a $16.25m payment from HP to end an investigation into alleged corruption by the ink giant. The DoJ and the Federal Communications Commission investigated the E-rate programme, which provides internet connections to schools and libraries in the US and the US territories. The department and …


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So that's okay then

Break the law as much as you like - as long as you can pay enough, you won't actually be prosecuted. What a way to run a railroad

Anonymous Coward

Lovely, just lovely.

"The Department of Justice has accepted a $16.25m payment from HP to end an investigation into alleged corruption by the ink giant."

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I know, eh?

You can't make this **** up...

Anonymous Coward


So the company take the piss, and we all have to watch a mandatory video that has nothing to do with 90% of us.

Yeh, thats fair!



Surely paying off an investigative committee to end their investigations is akin to a bribe?

It certainly was not couched in the form of a fine following proof they had initially acted unethically.

I for one am sick to death of watching the procession of Security and/or Ethics videos and taking stupid tests - especially when they are issued by guilty parties at the top!

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Black Helicopters

I'm shocked, shocked, that gambling is going on in this establishment!

Take it from someone in the real world. It isn't that HP was looking to bribe someone, it's that all these people had their hands out. "HP, give us what we want, or you lose".


Hmmm,,, what's needed is an analogy

Yesterday the head of a pedofile ring decided to volunteer 200 hours of community service time at a scout camp in order to bring the investigation into his affairs as a priest to a swift conclusion...

This topic is closed for new posts.


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