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back to article Foxconn closes iPad factory after explosion deaths

Part of a Foxconn factory that produces Apple's iPad device has been closed, after three workers at the plant were killed in an explosion blamed on combustible dust in a duct last Friday. According to Reuters, the manufacturer's parent company Hon Hai Precision said in a stock exchange filing that it had temporarily shut down …


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Kind of hard to operate when you have holes in the factory floor

According to ChengDu, SiChuan local media a friend relayed to me apart from the damaged explosion area there are holes/cracks in floors above the detonation point and there were concerns the floors might collapse.

What interests me more, are the employees going to get compensation for the lay off period?

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In China? For a company working for Apple?


Yeah, so... they've got not chance. If Apple's high-paying users can't get useful support for serious problems, how do you think they'll treat the guys/gals(/kids?) who operate the polishers (probably the same lovely, lovely n-hexane polishers that were making sick / killing their employees, IIRC...)?

Also interesting- one of Apple's flagship products- currently in the middle of an undoubtedly expensive ad campaign- which is already known to have supply issues (or at least they deliberately don't make enough so they can claim 'supply issues' and 'sold out in 10 minutes'), loses it's supply. And nothing happens on the stock exchange. I'd be selling if I was an Apple investor- explosions tend to mean 'long term downtime', which is bad.

Especially when it's in the polishing section of a company built on being shiny.

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That would be a first in China

So the answer is more likely, no.

But they did build the whole factory in 3 months or something crazy like that so I'm sure by the end of this week all holes will be patched up and things back to running again.


In other words

more iPad 2 delays :(


never mind eh....

I'm sure the families of those killed and injured will be devastated that you may need to wait a little longer for your shiny toy.

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LOL @ compensation in china

just yesterday i was looking through Apple's forums on how to remove ITunes where it errored out while uninstalling, saying 'can't uninstall due to the .msi file being on a network resource that's unavailable'. What a crap piece of software.

And even when other users were saying 'i can't uninstall Itunes due to this error', Apple admins were saying 'uninstall it from add/remove programs'. :rolleyes:

Apple is dumb.

God help any apple employee, especially in china, cause god has a better chance of helping them than their employer

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