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back to article Gartner slashes UK PC shipments for 2011

Gartner has nearly halved the UK PC sales forecast for 2011, blaming the stockpile of PCs buckling distributors' shelves and scrappy continued demand. Beancounters at the analyst have dramatically downgraded unit shipment estimates from eight per cent growth to just five per cent, though even this is predicated on sentiments …


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Nearly halved? Did you FAIL maths?

Last time I checked, a change in forecast from 8% to 5% represents a reduction of 37.5%.

That's much closer to a THIRD than it is to HALF.

Blatant exaggeration is irresponsible, not to mention unprofessional. No wonder everyone's obsessed with doom and gloom.

I'd suggest keeping to the facts if you wish to retain any kind of credibility.

Anonymous Coward


If you must exaggerate, at least do it accurately.


Gartner slashes UK PC shipments?

Gartner doesn't *do* anything --- except talk.

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where do I sign?

Futurologist admits futurology is bollocks, but still gets paid.

How do I get a job where I don't even need to be any good at, and still earn megabucks?

Anonymous Coward


Even worse from a "lack of attention to details" reporting perspective, Garter have actually reduced the market growth figure by 37.5%, not the market forecast numbers.

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