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back to article Dixons to set up concession in Harrods

Dixons Retail will try to flog PCs and other consumer goodies to tourists and local toffs when it opens a concession in Harrods early next year. The ailing retailer swapped the High Street for out-of-town trailer trading parks in recent years as part of its turnaround strategy, but is looking to raise brand equity by setting up …


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Paris Hilton

How much markup will there be?

We all know that Dixons prices are not always of this world (viz USB Cable for £14.99)

We also know that Harrods store is expensive.

So how much will Dixons mark up their goods when it is sold in Harrods as opposed to other High Street branches?

30% Anyone?

Paris coz she can afford to shop there anyway.

Bronze badge

Well, we know how desperate Dixons and HMV are right now

But how desperate must Harrods be at the moment?


A sensible move

Finally Dixons have found a place to operate from where their prices won't seem like extortion in comparison.

Gold badge

"...its new KNOWHOW services."

Just when Dixons' sales people seemed to be really getting the hang of its KNOWFUCKALL services too......


What happened to Micro-Anvika?

They had a concession in Harrods the last time I was in there (a long time ago I must admit).

Anonymous Coward

not surprised

margins are crap on electricals and stock management is a black art, so lots of department stores are offloading that department, on the basis they have to have an electrical dept for footfall, but don't want to deal with all the problems it brings. Its probably not a bad fit for Harrods given their tourist biased profile.

Yeah, what DID happen to Micro Anvika? I think they're gone from Selfridges as well.

Anonymous Coward

Micro Anvika are still around

...but down to half a dozen outlets in London and outlets in Kingston, Croydon and Newcastle.

They are currently still in Harrods; wonder if they will exit and Dixons take over the space?


Seems like the perfect match...

...overpriced crap from Dixons, overpriced crap and tourists willing to pay for it in Harrods.

Silver badge

a bonus?

how do you get a bonus, when your company posting losses?

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