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back to article HP to axe sales staff found pilfering dealers

HP is taking a hard line on direct sales staff at its Technology Services Group* (TSG) in the US - it will sack anyone caught nicking deals from resellers. The same principle – part of the new rules of engagement policy – will be applied in Europe later this year but the vendor has yet to give local partners advance warning – …


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Anonymous Coward

If only...

IBM UK were to follow this model. They regularly &*%? over their business partners in situations like this.

IBM in the US follows these rules. I've heard one US IBM'er describe the UK operation as the wild West.

anon because I used to work for an IBM Partner.


Hurd Mentality

Seriously ? When the CEO can't keep his expense reports right we're supposed to believe the Sales Force won't cheat ? Seriously ?


I wish Oracle would take notes...

Oracle are taking Sun hardware deals direct at the moment in our experience.....whilst they have introduced a rebates program, you can not register any deals as they are all rejected as 'known opportunities' which means Oracle can take the deal direct 'when the customer chooses' and not have to pay a unhook fee to the Partner.

Normally at the time 'when the customer chooses' to go direct with Oracle they have been given a Oracle quote at a price cheaper than the channel can buy.

Surprisingly when you ask Oracle about how they knew about the opportunity they normally say 'you shared us the info a while ago' or Oracle Tele-Sales have randomly rung the customer and it has got to the point where Oracle Channel Managers are telling the Partners to not tell anybody in Oracle about the opportunity until you have registered it.

We have taken that advice and go sell HP and IBM.


Funny that

Oracle keep pushing us to the channel when we want to go direct for a medium sized long term cloud deal. The channel couldn't do the long term pricing, or the finance, so half the deal has now gone direct with IBM, who can.


dell pull the same shit

So we don't resell them any more.


Oh yeah, it happened

ten years ago anyone who made any money in sales at Insight or CDW of course had their share of stories about HP f#$^g them in the @$$ when they finally had a big and juicy deal.

They would simply go onsite to the customer and give them a better deal than you. And voila, you're done. Thank you very much, we'll take it from here. That was their line. F@#$%g Thieves!

This topic is closed for new posts.



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