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back to article Capita coughs up £29m for financial services house

Capita has splurged £29m on AIB International Financial Services, (AIBFS) as it continues to broaden its commercial base outside of the UK. The deal – subject to regulatory approval in Ireland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands – will give the company entry into Switzerland and Hungary as well as adding a chunk of revenues to its …


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Anonymous Coward

Isn't hanging around

Sorry how long have they been in business, and they are only just stepping outside the UK.


Not hanging around

Unlike your customers on hold to speak to the useless twunts at the countless insurance and other data-mining companies you own.

Get your own house in order before you invade others!



"Capita must rise to the challenge of managing its business across multiple geographies. " - yeah maybe you could, I dunno, make a start in the UK first?

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