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back to article Rich List tech baron heads home as Itopia reseller biz enters administration

Troubled London-based VAR Itopia Group has gone into administration, The Reg can confirm. As revealed in recent weeks, the reseller minnow, which of late has been looked after by Sunday Times Rich List regular Robin Lodge on behalf of an investor, ran into financial difficulties and was facing a winding-up petition from …


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£127m >> £50m in 24 years

He's definitely got skills. Or an expensive lifestyle.


It was actually $127m

I'm sure he has an expensive lifestyle though, and probably skills too.



...he shouldn't have put it all into RBS shares!

Anonymous Coward

Cause and effect?

"but phone calls to the offices went unanswered earlier in the month, so its administration was only a matter of time."

Phone calls to my office are often unanswered, that's a problem with the public telecoms infrastructure. We're not expecting the administrators as a result.


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This topic is closed for new posts.


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