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back to article IBM pumps up the volumes for data pool party

IBM has a new release of its SVC software coming out to widen the distance between cluster nodes, improve HA and provide better Tivoli integration. This strengthens the V7000 too, as it shares the same SVC binary code. SVC is IBM's SAN Volume Controller, it is a block-accessed, network storage product that sits inline in a SAN …


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IBM who?

Aside from the fact that IBM have one of the weakest storage portfolios on the planet, how can the SVC be a good thing?

Most vendors are striving to deliver virtualisation capabilities in the array.

Adding another layer to your storage environment that still requires the actual storage to be managed is a very bad thing - how can additional points of failure and channelling all your data through another potential bottleneck help?

IBM deleveloped SVC to try compete with capabilities that other vendors already had in their hardware and that is missing in IBM's own tired storage line up.

The only people that love their SVC are those that have no clue about what enterprise storage is.



To IO-IO Hmm... I was trying to work out which vendor you work for. Initial thoughts were an EMC or NetApp employee, but looking through your recent replys on el Reg, you've not only slagged off IBM but EMC, NetApp and also HP...

The only thing you have commented positively, and with some technical know how about is 3Par - which leads me to believe the large chip on your shoulder is something to do with the recent aquisition...

Now clearly you don't understand SVC, nor the advantage to moving virtualization OUTSIDE the array - and virtualizaing heterogenous environments with a "no distruption when that array has to be replaced" approach.

You make comments as to "why IBM developed SVC" when you have no factual knowledge of why we did it - also that SVC is designed as enterprise by a team who have worked on enterprise storage for over 20 years, and has reliability levels that rival the mainframe itself.

You also claim IBM has no storage portfolio, sighting un-competitive products etc - where have you been sleeping the last 24 months... XIV and V7000? The most innovative gender disruptive storage products for some time...

Suggest you work out why that chip on your shoulder has grown so large and work on reducing it rather than swiping at everyone on here.

This topic is closed for new posts.



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