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back to article Phoenix IT Group to axe over 300 jobs

Phoenix IT Group is to axe more than 300 jobs as part of a company-wide reorganisation. As previously revealed by El Reg, the IT services firm murdered the ICM brand and placed the system integration, comms, hosting, managed services and business continuity operations under the Phoenix banner from January. The LSE-listed firm, …


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Anonymous Coward


olympic preferred bidder to cut staff so they can pay the extortionate "we wont work unless" please line up

The LU will also cut staff to pay the £500 plus "dont leave us in the lurch Bob Crowe" olympic bonus cost.

idea, why dont bank staff, shop assistants and all the other services (fast food etc) workers demand the same and strike over the olympics, or would the other key unions not support them?

Anonymous Coward

Those staff in other industries will not demand anything because they lack the solidarity of the RMT/ ASLEF/ TSSA members.

And those un-named 'key unions' will not support them because secondary/ sympathetic action has been illegal since the 1980's.

Silver badge

I wonder how big the bonus of the managers will be given the firm is in such trouble.

Anonymous Coward

The management bonus will still be there; the staff pay freeze for the last 4 years is still paying for it!

PHX seem to have a round of redundancies every 9 months or so. Perhaps if they spent more time on *keeping* contracts than on office shuffling, then they'd be more popular. And if they actually motivated / rewarded the customer facing staff and got rid of the idiots that damage the company image, then it'd be easier to keep those contracts.

AC as I'm not ready to start job hunting yet.

Anonymous Coward

Trebles all round...

Hush, how dare you suggest that having those deckchairs arranged in different shapes every day isn't important and worthy of a management bonus. Oh, and AC or not, I'd suggest starting your jobhunt real soon now might be a good idea, I know I have.

If only we could get a good vet...


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This topic is closed for new posts.



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