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back to article Nicked sensitive Avnet server disks sparks ICO probe

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has confirmed it is investigating a potential data breach at Avnet Technology Solutions (TS) following the break-in prior to Christmas. As previously reported, thieves raided the enterprise distie's Haslingden office on 21 December and made off with hard disk drives containing archived …


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Anonymous Coward

"before deciding what action, if any, needs to be taken," the ICO said

Sweet FA or bugger all, you decide? Could even go mad and take both!

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Next: Grannie gets beaten up in the street. Police investigate whether action should be taken for her causing broken bones and a lengthy hospital stay. Not to mention irresponsibly letting her purse be snatched away.

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Whilst I'm usually all for a bit ICO bashing, as they are a useless waste of space. In this case I'm not so sure, Would you prosecute a bank that had taken all reasonable measures to secure its vaults, if that self same bank vault was then broken into?

I think not, I hope not anyway.

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Probably not targeted.

I find it highly unlikley that thieves would want the data in the first place, a list of Avnet's customers would just be a list of UK resellers and their contact details, something the resellers give out all the time. I'm guessing the thieves were opportunists, that this was the first box the thieves saw with a removable disk and they simply grabbed it. Years ago thieves broke into the DR datacenter for one of the UK telcos, ignored the racks and racks of servers, arrays and switches (all worth millions on the greymarket), and stole three PC keyboards and a pack of CD-Rs.

Anonymous Coward

I work for Avnet hence anonymous, They had a massive stock of hard drives, which they have done well on during the shortages, I guessing this is more to fill a hdd shortage requirement (more fool them as there weren't particuarly great drives).

Haslington is a massive warehouse full of equipment there is noway anyone outside of the company could of known what the drives contained. I doubt they would need anyones confidential details and resellors lists are available internally....

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