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back to article Norfolk lobs out top council gigs on Twitter

Norfolk county council has started publishing all of its contract tenders on Twitter. The council, which believes it is one of the first councils in the country to tweet tender opportunities, has taken to the microblogging site in effort to make it easier for local businesses to bid for council contracts. The @NCCContracts …


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A new paper size standard

> using social networks could help to cut down on the amount of paperwork

So rather than wasting a huge amount of space on an A4 sheet, how about we all adopt A10 sized sheets as the standard for twitter messages. These 37x26mm (1 by 1 and a half inches, for those living in Liberia, Myanmar and other non-metric countries) postage-stamp sized sheets are ideal for jotting down a 140 character message. Not only will they save a great deal of paper, but if a council official feels like losing a year's worth of confidential (tweets? confidential?) information, they can always be used as confetti.

Anonymous Coward

Can't be norfolk council. They haven't got electricity yet, never mind the internet.

Though it might be norfolk if the pay package is enumerated in turnips...


You must be from Ipswich...

and can't get over the fact Norwich City is now premier league. Its not all turnips and peas. We do have the odd sports car manufacturer and Tornado squadron about if you care to look closely enough.

Broadband is crap here though, but twitter is not exactly a bandwidth hog so as good a method as any for advertising contracts. Quicker and more reliable than the Post Office round these parts.

Anonymous Coward

Tick box exercise

1. social media channel - check

2. content related to transparency agenda - check

3. links to central government agenda - check

4. full understanding of what they are actually doing - fail

Looks like they are like every other local authority in the country, they have a social media channel, they must be modern and forward thinking, even more reason to trust them.

This topic is closed for new posts.


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