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back to article Public IT supplier frameworks aren't baffling – gov organ

Government Procurement Services (GPS) has defended the matrix of monolithic public sector IT purchasing frameworks, claiming purse-holders will figure out where to spend taxpayers' cash. It emerged this week that the forthcoming £4bn IT Hardware & Services framework, due to go live on 1 June, will run in parallel with two other …


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Paris Hilton

Seemplz Tseetch?

Only other public sector bodies would recognise the complexities and weightiness of operating methods - a granularity too far perhaps ?

The DNA of business does not agree well with the DNA of procurement to public bodies.

Essentially: the Treasury prefers its cash (okay, accepted - public money) to remain with the Treasury or Treasury sympathetic bodies?

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CITHS includes software and hardware whereas ITH&S has no software component.

So the IT Hardware & Software framework has no software component?

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Should be services - now fixed, thanks! Thank God it's Friday.


Anonymous Coward

"we do not expect it to cause confusion amongst public sector IT buyers".

Me neither. I have a handy bargepole that will ensure I retain clarity of mind

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So where does the GCloud/Cloudstore fit in with this?

Or is it just me not understanding the complexities of public sector procurement?

Paris, 'cos my brain hurts...

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