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back to article BT to swing axe at sales account managers – sources

Staff at BT Engage IT are bracing themselves for further redundancies amid talk of a shift away from traditional reselling to managed services. The reseller arm of the telco giant merged its disparate brands last autumn, laying off a number of staff in the process including chief operating officer Chris Leigh and former bigwig …


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Anonymous Coward

So finally the stack-it-high sell-it-cheap (or not-so-cheap) bubble has burst.

"...a shift away from traditional reselling to managed services."

Basically ditch the money grabbing shit that Dabs and Basilica did and concentrate on what Lynx Technology used to do.

Frankly who cares...

Silver badge

Account manager, vs technically capable salesmen

I know which I'd rather talk to - and I spent 50k with Engage last year.



They were talking of this in house over 10 years ago, to no avail. I was looking forward to trying for one of those posts. I am glad I did not hold my breath then.

Bronze badge

Oh great another account manager

Time for more spam and phone calls.

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