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back to article Avaya poaches Huawei veep Culmer to run UK ops

Avaya UK has poached Huawei Enterprise veep Simon Culmer to replace managing director Andrew Shepperd less than 10 months into his tenure, The Register can reveal. Culmer, who also had a nine-month spell as UK veep at the enterprise wing of Huawei starting last summer, built a UK management team including the recruitment of …


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</ Vic Reeves>

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"In an Eastern company there is a lot of responsibility and accountability but I didn't have as much authority, and needed to work through a set of filters which meant things don't get done as quickly,"

Translation: When I said "jump", people didn't say "how high".


He is wrong

Huawei is running with military rules, I am not saying it as a part of non ethical red scare campaign by sock puppets of their rivals.

Zte is the one with government style. I really don't care as a customer.


@Taylor 1

Having worked for Far Eastern companies I suspect it's more a case of lack of local authority to change anything without consulting a vast range of managers back at HQ.


"High Touch Sales?"

Does anybody understand the language these people speak?

I suppose other sales/marketing people must

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