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back to article RM dumps cash-bleeding ISIS Concepts onto ex-owner

RM has offloaded its loss-making classroom furniture biz ISIS Concepts to its former owner and current managing director Nick Topliss for £205,000. This is the last divestiture for the troubled education IT supplier which last September began closing or flogging parts of the business it deemed non-core to improve its financials …


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Have you seen the cost of their hardware and services? Wow... and people actually buy stuff from these guys?


Can't be arsed to google it.

So nice of you to tell us what ISIS means in this context.

RM - "Research Machines"? Why do they still exist? Didn't the Acorn BBC micro blow them out of the water?

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Re: Can't be arsed to google it.

They supplied Wintel/DOS machines (Nimbus) after the old RM 8-bit machines were phased out.

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Oddly enough...

... I'm planning to use the line "This disposal completes the disposal programme announced in the strategic review," as the last of the RM One PCs are replaced by something where the RAM doesn't shake loose in use.

Dropping CC3 and the hugely expensive leap to CC4 meant I could employ another tech to do real work, which is far more vital these days.

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