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back to article Capita publicity to show only UK staff - some of whom are being let go

Capita IT Services is forging ahead with immortalising redundancy-threatened UK staff in a series of publicity photos. But there is one department the company isn't sending a lensman along to: its service desk in India. The outsourcing biz held a conference call with staff at the Ruddington office in Nottinghamshire yesterday to …


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The only conclusion that I can draw from not choosing to go to India with a camera is that Capita are rampant racists (not a version of linux in case you were wondering).

They just want nice middle class whites to be in the company brochure.. People of the Indian Help Desk you need to rise up and stamp out this sort of behaviour.



Rascist... or colossally insensitive and disfunctional? Given how rubbish most companies are generally and the particular complaints of rubbishness (rubbishism?) made against Capita over the years I'm inclined to be charitable and believe the latter.

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Building an own goal?

I should imagine a few weeks after the redundancies once the pictures come out there will be photoshopped ones with departed staff depicted as silhouettes.

Accompanied with a parody song such as 'Capita took our Pics but now the jobs have gone to Bangalore, didn't we have a lovely job before it went to Bangalore' etc.

Have no affiliation with Capita and only sympathy for their staff in this case but its obvious this is pretty stupid, isn't it?


Re: Building an own goal?

This case reminds me of a spectacular own goal committed by Ford in the nineties:


on the other hand...

The Indian office might just be a absolute shithole...

Anonymous Coward

Re: on the other hand...

So are a lot of their UK ones...


I assume it's buried in the contracts somewhere

But can your employer actually use your picture in it's publicity material without your permission?

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I have a suspicion....

...that the reason the reason the new operators from foreign shores are not shown in the Capita literature is because they won't be Capita employees. Instead, they will work for one of the "Multi-Service Call Centres" that India is now famous for, where one service centre serves dozens of different client businesses.

Which keeps costs down.

...and allows cheap labour... be worked for 12 hours a day seven days a week....

... with little to no employment rights...

Ain't capitalism and the free market great?!

Anonymous Coward

From the above statement, hardly anyone wanted to be part of the photo shoot but management took it upon them self’s to approach all the teams and ask why they would not like to be part of the shoot - so much for the 'opt out' form!

The only reason anyone took part of the photo shoot today was because staff were put on the spot by management and made to feel awkward!

Good going capita, if you don’t get the results first time round just keep on pushing!

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