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back to article Ditch disk and bin tape: Harvard boffins have cracked DNA storage

I recently decided to clean out my home office; I’d had enough of the 56K modems lying around, and needed the space. But what I didn’t expect was to find a museum of data storage concentrated in such a small space. I suspected at the time I wouldn’t need the 5.25" 720k floppy disks to upgrade to VMS v5.1 again, but thought, 'Who …


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Does this mean I have to send all my engineers to medical school to learn how to wipe data ?

Anonymous Coward

Nah, don't worry:

Fire, and lots of it, should do the trick. Or maybe that UV lamp you once used for wiping EPROMs.

Anonymous Coward

Don't throw out the Floppy yet!

When my new motherboard arrived without a floppy port, I was not worried - until I read the OS installation instructions for Windows XP. These require two "pre-install" drivers to be installed before XP - by means of a Floppy Disk. Despite having three spare floppy drives, I had to buy an USB Floppy Drive before even starting installation.

XP will be in use for years to come, to handle the last decade's PC games - but Mobo makers continue to disrespect their customers (have you ever tried to install the latest generation of motherboards, using their cynically-called User's Manual?)

Bronze badge

Re: Don't throw out the Floppy yet!

Windows XP is long-since dead. Get virtualbox or something if you really must...

I only mention it because people like you are the barrier to wide-spread SSL SNI adoption - and a better world. Yes your SSL implementation is old.


Re: Don't throw out the Floppy yet!

"XP will be in use for years to come, to handle the last decades' PC game."


Of one thing I am sure. XP will likely be the OS of choice in your domain... However, the rest of us Windoze users will likely be moving happily along to OS's that are not fully deprecated. Heck, we probably even bought a new game too. :-)

Maybe if you ask nicely, Bill will mail all his 1.44 floppies and thrown in his 5 1/4's to boot. I would not be surprised if you have plans to install that pancake sized disk drive in your new PC.

Anonymous Coward

Re. UV lamp..

I actually still have some Psion Organiser II 16k data packs, which are EPROM based (and 2 LZs that still work, maybe I should sell them together with the barcode reader, the swipe reader and an interface for Mitutoya callipers I once built - might keep the digital calliper, though. Those were the days :)

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