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back to article Adobe moving its users into the Cloud: Wants middlemen to help

Adobe says its direct sales force will be competing with resellers when its Creative Cloud (CC) suite reaches enterprise punters. The software maker has reported sales for Q3 ended 31 August of $1.08bn, down from $1.13bn a year ago with 52 per cent of revenues coming from the US, 27 per cent in Europe and 21 per cent in Asia. …


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They want me to do what?

So I take a pile of photos, say 100 in a day. Each picture is about 20MB in size (as I shoot in RAW).

That's a two gig upload for me to send my daily shoot to the Cloud. And then they want me to manipulate it there over an internet connection?

I live in the wilds of North Wales where the internet speeds are shocking at best. And then there's the matter of the data download which would bust my ISP's cap unless I put the alarm on for three in the morning to edit this lot.

Editing photos in the Lightroom and Elements suite is slow enough as it is unless one has more silicon than Jordan.


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Adobe struggling? Oh goodie!

I realise that Adobe isn't alone in thinking it could increase prices of its already fabulously overpriced products during the biggest recession in the history of the universe, but I think I may have the clue for which the company's board seems to be looking.

Cloud-wise, as BongoJoe notes, above, we don't all live in the centre of some vast metropolis, where upload/download rates are measured in mach speeds. The world's insistence that the cloud is the answer to all our prayers is hokum. Companies like Adobe originally treated the Cloud as a way of eliminating middlemen, product packaging, costly distribution and all the expensive and time-consuming hassles these entail. That Adobe still fails to "get the point" should be no surprise. I look forward to the day a real alternative to their gold-plated turd of a software portfolio comes along.

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Re: Adobe struggling? Oh goodie!

I can only wish for the day when this is so.

People seem to have made the strange connection that PDF is Adobe, so whilst this goes on then Adobe can charge an extorionate amount on PDF wrters yet a good one costs a few sheckles from a bloke in a shed somewhere.

I only tolerate Adobe because nothing comes close, as far as I am concerned, to Lightroom and Elements.

When someone makes a better (not only in features but in less bloat and more efficient use of memory) then I am stuck with this rotten firm.

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