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back to article to upgrade buying tool after mega cockup downs £1bn deal

Government Procurement Services is to refresh the hardware platform it uses to collate supplier tender submissions to prevent a repeat of the crash that downed a £1bn software and services framework. As revealed by The Channel early this month, the Applications Development, Delivery and Support Services (ADDSS) agreement was …


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"The sourcing tool is widely used across the public and private sectors"

That'll be a Word document, then?

Anonymous Coward


wonder who built the system for them and does that mean they cant bid on future work :)


Re: sooo

Probably specced by Ada Lovelace - took years to go through committee stage, then was cobbled together by Senior Mandarin's great nephew - 'cos he's got a GCSE in woodwork.


Having spent my summer putting together a bid for this and also losing much sleep I still dont see why they couldn't just say: " we cocked up. print your bid off, put an extra copy on a CD, seal it in an envelope and send it by registered post." the EU large tenders are still done this way and it works fine.

Anonymous Coward

Unusually large volume

The quote refers to an "unusually large volume" of data uploaded by suppliers. Total rubbish. The volume of data was predictable based on the scope of the framework, the responses that were tightly defined and the number of companies who had registered interest. I lost 4 weeks of my life to this, if it does remain in limbo, I'm confident that there are hundreds of others across the UK who are in the same position and who are pretty angry about this.

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