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back to article HP dangles axe over Autonomy salesmen, cash wad over coders

HP plans to lay off sales staff at Brit software subsidiary Autonomy while seeking to shore up the small biz's R&D. An internal memo penned by Robert Youngjohns, an exec hired from Microsoft last September, started with the good news first and claimed the tech titan is pumping more cash into software development overall. "As …


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I keep getting emails through from "Autonomy: an HP Company", but it seems as though they're to do with everything under the sun. Backup, virtualisation - not what I'd associated the name with. It almost feels as though they have a name that they don't really know what to do with.

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So Autonomy are writing printer drivers now?


That will fix it: fire the sales force.

Another deeply considered decision from the Senior Exec team at HP.

Fire the Senior Exec team instead: no one would notice.

Anonymous Coward

What a surprise...

Didn't I read on El Reg that takeovers/mergers rarely benefit anyone? Certainly not the staff that'll be getting a P45. And sadly, I expect they'll be the first of many.

Anonymous Coward

Strange decision, cut the analytics software business' revenue generation and existing relationships, which is supposed to be the future... in order to push more money into printing.

Anonymous Coward

HP are f**ked

Maybe not right now, but in the next two years. As a happy owner of a HP 16c I find this terribly sad.

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