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back to article Acer slashes book worth of brands by £76m

Acer has slashed the book worth of PC brands in its stables by the tune of NT$3.5bn (£76.1m). The write-down, relating to acquired firms including Gateway, Packard Bell, eMachines and e-Ten, will be seen in the 2012 annual report. "This asset impairment evaluation has no impact on the business operation and working capital," …


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We had a Gateway tower

It was a decent machine and came with a nice flat-glass 17" Mitsubishi monitor (which Evesham were also supplying at the time, but without a sticker covering the OEM logo). Only an Athlon-750 admittedly, so was replaced a few years ago, but bought in 2000-2001ish we got a decent life out of it.

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Re: We had a Gateway tower

We also bought a few Gateways, decent enough machines and strange black-and-white cow boxes. Mine lasted from ~1998 to ~2002 at work then a friend "inherited" it for home use. Lasted a good few years after that (few malware infestations aside).



Is the E-machine brand the same one as I remember as the biggest load of incompatible hardware ever thrown into a box and passed off as a computer in the history of box shifting or am I doing it a disservice?



Why doesn't the article mention that Acer have killed off the eMachines brand?

Look at their website, it's virtually empty with links to just support and driver downloads.

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Re: killed off the eMachines brand

I suspect it's just sleeping, and will spring back to life the moment Currys/PCWorld/whoever order a big batch of pared-to-the-bone laptops from Acer.


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crap warrenties

My family has bought 4 Acer laptops in the past, one that is 2 years old developed a problem with the screen but Acer say that's not covered by the warranty because its not hardware. Won't be buying another Acer, possibly why other people aren't buying

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I STILL have a Gateway server

An E-4200. I think it was bought in 1998 - I inherited it from the previous SysAdmin in 2002.. Has a 400-MHz Pentium II in it (or maybe a PIII) and, err, 64 or maybe 128 megs of RAM. Still chugging along here beside my desk, serving up web pages. I think I changed the CPU and case fans in 2003, but other than that, it's been up 24/7 for a very, very long time.


Death rattle for Acer

Acer’s just got such a bad quality rep, I don’t recommend them anymore. The support Web site is atrocious, it’s like Googling forever. A friend ended up returning a brand new i3 Laptop within 3 months, for an apparent overheating issue; so there you go. Bad rep, kills off bad company: law of user perception.


Gateways were the most reliable

Would have happily kept buying Gateway 2000 machines and had a P75 running from approx 1995 until 2012 when it eventually died and wasn't worth trying to fix. Even had the original hard drive in it although the original monitor failed several years before.

Now had to deal with 5 ACER laptops and 1 desktop in the past 3 years and every single one of them has had major faults. Never had an ACER without a fault or known anyone who has one that not faulty.

- Mouse & trackpad mysteriously fail unless you take the power lead out (x2)

- Overheating problems on one with no obvious cause (fan running, no muck).

- Almost all of them developed problems with the power connector.

- Wi-Fi would go down on 3 of them while on power, but instantly work on battery.

- Desktop suddenly refused to work with the monitor, but worked with another...then switched.

- Desktop then just died and it was only a year old.

Other computers and laptop makes, basically few problems that aren't the run of the mill and all fixable. Btw, acer's make good frizbies! :)

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