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back to article 2e2 for you: Should zombies be allowed to run NHS IT?

The 2e2 Group finally called in the administrators to its UK ops* late on Monday 28 January, 2013, a month or two after main senior directors were released and replaced on the instructions of owners Hutton Collins. The IT services firm had recently re-stated a year’s accounts, was rumoured to have been in breach of banking …


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Fook me, you mean there's NOT Zombies already deployed?

You've obviously never been to Hillingdon Hospital or High Wycombe Hospital.

Their Zombie count is almost 100%


Almost 100%? ....80%? 95%? 99%? - Spotted a few lurching around the grounds but was told they were merely advertising services...



this is utter nonsense.

The CI business is being sold as we speak, these articles tell us nothing new, if I were the people reading this I would worry about their own company going down the tubes, this is just a sign of things to come.

No space for resellers or distributes any more no matter how much value you think you add....


Re: bulltwang

'No space for resellers or distributes (sic) any more no matter how much value you think you add....'

Is there any real difference between the two these days? The writing's on the wall for many but why some businesses fail and others don't still matters.

Anonymous Coward

As Dave Packard said....

In 1986, Dave Packard said "In my experience, more companies die of indigestion from trying to size too much opportunity than die from starvation from lack of it." True then, true today.

Anonymous Coward

"The failure of 2e2 may be seen as positive by its competitors ..."

For about five seconds.

But those of us who run decent, sustainable businesses have been hit by a double-whammy.

Firstly we've lost business to 2e2 in the first place, with their ultimate style-over-substance model. I got told by the "Procurement Specialist" at a household-name big company just last month that it was concerned about my business's viability and that the company concerned like dealing with "big businesses". 2e2 was at the very top of their preferred supplier list.

But now every big customer is going to want ever-more proof of financial stability, and every supplier is going to be tighter and tighter on credit. No matter that we're a decent, honourable business with 12 years of profitable, sustainable trading behind us.

Not only has 2e2 screwed up its own business. It's queered the pitch for everybody else too.

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Re: "The failure of 2e2 may be seen as positive by its competitors ..."

>It's queered the pitch for everybody else too.

Wow new term to this yank and quite amusing even if the topic isn't in any way. Behind the suffering of almost all salaried or prior salaried grunts is a rich country club ahole executive(s).


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I wouldn't put too much hope in the banks helping out, they're the biggest "zombies" of the lot.


start planning

We have just found out from our 2e2 onsite engineers that they have lost their jobs and won't be paid. I would advice to start making plans for replacement asap as they are chopping from all directions now. NHS be warned!

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