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back to article Big Data’s booming. So why hasn't the channel caught on yet?

There’s a funny thing happening in the channel at the moment. Big Data solutions are absolutely booming, driven by a perfect storm of mobile computing, 4G connectivity, vast quantities of user generated content, cheaper storage, 10GbE networking, and next gen data management technologies like Hadoop. Yet despite flogging loads …


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Big Data Solution

Alexandre, good article. It is worth mentioning the HPCC Systems open source offering which provides a single platform that is easy to install, manage and code. Their built-in analytics libraries for Machine Learning and BI integration tools make it easy for users to analyze Big Data using a complete integrated solution from data ingestion and data processing to data delivery. Their free online training courses allow for students, academia and other developers to quickly get started. More at

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Re: Big Data Solution

Obvious vendor-sponsored posting is obvious.

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"Big Data" sounds more like "Bubble Data"

So the battle for understanding of "The Cloud" is over?

"It took time for resellers and their customers to understand exactly what cloud computing was, and what it could do for their business, and for vendors to educate them about the cost and efficiency benefits it could bring."

I am in "the industry" and I still don't know what cloud computing is and what it can do for my business. "The cloud" is like Hegelian philosophy: it's obscure, quite probably content-free (if someone managed to drill down through the jargon) and likely to have a hidden nefarious agenda (in Hegel's case, making the Prussian State your New God, Forever).

So, Cloud: Just tell me you want to host my data and do all the ancilliary things: power, data pipes, security, killing roaches in the server room, security, replacing faulty machines, and security. Then I can ask where, how, how often, how do I get out and what are the legal implications (the latter evidently still being worked on at the Eurocratic Offices).

"Big Data is similar. There’s a compelling case for companies to analyse the vast quantities of data sitting idle on servers to better understand and serve customers, and respond in a more agile way to business change. But that education has been piecemeal at best."

I don't know about that compelling case. How many companies do have lots of data of interest that they can legally hold and analyze for some profit? Sure there is scientific companies, research companies, medical companies, engineering companies, but these already know their data and it's not sitting idle. Retailers may have billions of sales slips (pseudo-anonymized via 'fidelity card number', natch), but what to do with these? We already have had the Data Warehouse thing from the '00s...

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