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back to article Brit IT biz boss wrongly 'terminated' in red-tape blunder

Companies House accidentally "terminated" reseller Probrand's co-founder and long-standing director Chris Griesbach in a paperwork bungle. A filing appeared on the official business register's website announcing "appointment terminated, Chris Greisbach". In fact it was Andrew Lawton Smith - fellow Probrand director and group …


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What if he doesn't want to come back?

"Sorry, I was fired, I don't work here anymore! Now about my severance and termination bonuses?"

"But you want me to stay, you say? Well... You can rehire me on a new contract, unless I get a better offer elsewhere."

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But did the airlock close properly on his arse?

"We will try to bring him back!"

"Uh.... commander?"

Also, who is this "El Chan" and is she kawaii?

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They came for him

while he slept.... he protested they had the wrong man, but they had the right man and the paperwork to prove it

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Musical chairs...

Dark forces are at play...


The position on Companies House does not affect an employment contract.

Why the hell aren't ProBrand filing the termination online?

This topic is closed for new posts.


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