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back to article UK's dead monster iPad gumble-maker COMES BACK TO LIFE

It's been quite a post-Easter week for the Brit firm behind iPhone and iPad accessories maker GEAR4: it went into administration, axed most of its UK workforce, and has risen again in Hong Kong. Disruptive Ltd, which makes wireless speakers, docks and a range of Angry Birds accessories stocked at all major UK consumer …


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I smell phoenix liquidation

But anyone remember the banks promise to lend to more small business in 2008.

What a load of b***ocks that turned out to be.

No doubt the CEO bonus arrangements will not be interruped.

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Re: I smell phoenix liquidation

Yep, clear the debts by going bust and start up next week with stock ready to go.

They should increase import tax for Gear4 to claw back what is owed to the tax payer.

Bet they got nice payouts...


Conspiracy theory...

I'm thinking they were planning to move to Hong Kong/China all along and just crashed it on purpose.

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Easy option, innit?

Looks like a a planned stealthy manoeuvre to start afresh in Hong-Kong

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Oh no!!

Where am I going to buy my tacky 'Angry Birds' tat now? What's that.....? ebay? oh that's OK then.

This topic is closed for new posts.


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