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back to article G-Cloud overlord McDonagh gets CBE nod from Queen

Former G-Cloud supremo Denise McDonagh was handed a CBE in Her Maj's birthday honours list at the weekend for services to the IT services industry. McDonagh climbed onto the cloudy bandwagon roughly 14 months ago as programme director for the G-Cloud framework, replacing her rather more outspoken predecessor Chris Chant, who …


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Denise McDonagh



I don't know what reasons will be officially recorded for not using the G-cloud, but the real reasons are likely to be:

What we need isn't actually available on G-cloud

It costs more than popping down to Rymans or even PC World to buy basic stuff like printer paper

We can't wait the 3-6 months processing period for all orders made through G-cloud

The system can't handle anything that's not completely standard in every way.

No I've never seen the system, I just have many years experience of government IT (both sides of the table)

Big Brother

I don't know what reasons will be officially recorded for using the G-cloud, but the real reasons are likely to be:


We were told to

CO wouldn't approve the project if we didn't

'Friends' of 'friends' of 'friends' said so

You want us to use pretty fonts and colours - more shades of gray.

Reasons for not using it:

What is available doesn't meet the requirements

If we did buy from G Cloud we'll have to spend more money later

We were hacked because we bought from G Cloud rather than getting our preferred technology

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Deputy Defra CIO.... At a time when they outsourced all their IT services to IBM... What a great saving that has been for the tax payer.

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Not bad...

...for a wee fat wummin frae the south side a Glesga...

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Preside over a lot of cockups, collect CBE

Home Office CIO is incompetence led from the top. Let's look at failures in which Denise and her team were involved:

* Schengen Information System II - Failed, quietly brushed under carpet

* e-Borders - Failed - in litigation

* G-Cloud - Doesn't work - branded as 'Success', people are using the framework to buy contract consultants, not hosted cloud services

* Police National Database - Years late, delivered less than the original requirement, cost more

Not to mention the catalogue of errors of mismanagement that have allowed Government IT suppliers to pick clean the Home Office IT budget and the budgets of several other departments for which Home Office IT has oversight.

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It's not like my boss painstakingly nurtured the contacts, right?


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