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back to article Microsoft 'in talks' to recruit UK partners for Surface Pro biz sales

Secret squirrel conversations are taking place between Microsoft and five B2B resellers over flogging Surface Pro to corporate customers, The Channel can reveal. Up to now Microsoft has sold Surface Pro only via its webshop direct and through a few select UK retailers including PC World and John Lewis. The device launched in …


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Surface Pro urgently needs the extended battery life offered by 'Haswell' as already shipping from some vendors. Will be interesting to see when Microsoft catch up with Apple (new MBA is already available). Neat device but I'm not buying one until the refresh comes through and expect that goes for most potential customers.

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C'mon Android vendors!

Get your shit together and start integrating with Enterprise systems. MS are on the ropes, now is your time to carve up the market and ensure somethng approaching actual competition.


Re: C'mon Android vendors!

Thats assuming Google wants to muscle in onto this market, unless they are happy with Android remaining a mass market consumption device for the time being.

Does Google really want to go down this route just now, with the headaches it will bring? I see a lot of suits here happily waving their company branded iPads about the place...

Anonymous Coward

The Pro is seen as a PC replacement

yeah, right, because most humans use computers on the go, particularly for work. And they dream of nothing but working off a 10 inch screen.

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Re: The Pro is seen as a PC replacement

It does have an hdmi port and supports multiple monitors, you know? My old X series Thinkpad was fantastic and that had a pretty small screen, until I docked it.

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