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back to article Look out, Lenovo! HP: We're not happy with being a 'number two'

HP is not a happy bunny and won't be until it's recaptured the global PC sales crown that Lenovo made off with last week. But that snatch may come sooner rather than later, according to analysts. No single vendor covered themselves in glory in the second quarter of 2013, with all of the world's largest shifters of boxes …


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" We have a multi OS,...computing strategy"

-- that forces your retail customers to buy windows 8.

Silver badge

Re: Oblox

Windows 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. One after the other. Couldn't be more true.


HP Number Poo

Management bought HP laptops because they were cheaper. I don't have to deal with them any more though as they are all dead. They cut all their engineering and outsourced everything to boost management stock options, now I might as well buy gateway.

Anonymous Coward

Re: HP Number Poo

Yes, failure rate on HP laptops has been appalling (we did manage to catch a systematic flaw where a screw comes loose and shorts the system board, so not all have died).

HP servers are in a different league, still reminiscent of the old pre-Carly HP. However due to the laptop losses I'm averse to helping their bottom line so only buy their servers when they have one of their demented marketing promotions where they are clearly making a loss.


"a 'number two'"

Yeah, that pretty much covers it.

Anonymous Coward

Hint, HP. If the display resolution of your brand new model of notebook or convertible is so low that you are too embarrassed to state it on the list of specifications, its possibly not a smart idea to try to sell to potential customers who have better displays on the 5 year old notebooks they are considering upgrading.



>you are too embarrassed to state it






Love that executive 'gobblydegook' - usually a sign of not knowing what to say so say something meaningless...


Talking through his backside

"We have a multi OS, multi architecture and multi form factor computing strategy that we believe will delight customers and rebuild share. We're also focused on building a profitable business that's smart about its future." Just what did the HP spokesman say here? What does it mean? I cannot grok it.

I still say that if Meg wants to pay me a healthy daily rate plus expenses, I can help fix their personal computer product lines, laptop and desktop both. But, then too, somebody there has to listen, instead of bouncing around in the HP star chamber, nearly as isolated from reality as the US Congress... Ben Myers


I wouldn't buy Dell or HP Laptops / Desktops because they don't seem to care about what the SME market actually wants. Lenovo on the other hand sells good quality, reliable, easy to repair bog standard units for a decent price. They might not be that sexy, but really, who spends time looking at their desktop? I am just waiting for them to take on IBMs low end servers and really start pushing them into the UK channel.

Lenovo are not perfect however, they could work on their support website and have better customer support. I would also appreciate the return of their 'standard' non-widescreen 19" monitors at a more reasonable price!


Never again

I just had to buy a cheap emergency lappy and the best spec I could get from the only shop on the way home, PC World, was an HP.

They set their recovery partition as a visible D drive and remove all ability to delete it. They provide no physical recovery media. I need a D drive for a standardised environment.

Their support is 5p a minute with half hour waiting times.

There was no way I was waiting so had to put the BIOS in legacy mode so I could boot into Parted Magic and re-partition.

Why on earth would you make your recover partition a visible windows drive letter.?

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multi OS, multi architecture and multi form factor strategy that we believe will delight customers

You really have no idea about your customers. No-one in the world is delighted by a business strategy, except the management consultants who are paid to invent it, write it down vaguely and then leave.

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