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back to article MYRA HINDLEY found working in Capita's benefits & revenues unit

An eerie silence engulfed Capita this month when top brass informed the workforce that Myra Hindley was among them. No, the child murderer has not risen from the grave. Actress Hazel Mrozek, a part-time staffer at Capita's revenues and benefits business, has taken on a role playing Hindley in an upcoming TV programme. In a note …


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So basically

This story amounts to IT worker has part time job acting and a bit a background information to pad the story out?

Truely cutting edge IT related stuff.

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Re: So basically

It's Friday, the El Reg hacks are tired and it's almost Pub o'Clock.


Getting into the mindset ...

I'd have thought anyone in Crapita's management team would have been a better choice for a deranged psychopath.

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I thought child murderers didn't exist before the internet

Nuff said


So, not even someone with the name Myra Hindley working for Capita, which would be mildly interesting.

There must be other part-time actresses working for Capita whilst between jobs, how about giving them some free publicity too?

Anonymous Coward

not so good as

the Steve Jobs working at Samsung one

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