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back to article Dell 'disappears' cut-price Windows XPS 10 RT tab

Dell, the last bastion of Windows RT on fondleslabs - outside of Microsoft itself - has refused to give a public seal of approval to the OS ahead of a product refresh next week. This comes after the XPS 10 tablet models running Windows RT disappeared from parts of its website. While the devices are no longer available at Dell's …


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At least it didn't take them as long as RIM/Blackberry to realise they were selling sh*t and stopped in time, before they went bust.

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Yeah not every company out there can have %80+ of what they shipped to the channel returned and be able to write the cost off quarters later or fold it into a a goodwill hit on some dumb company they bought.

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good riddance

Dell tried to sell me an RT based XPS as a replacement for my aging mini-10V netbook. For 4 times the price. With no keyboard.

I'd have given them around a hundred quid for one, out of curiousity.

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dell will probably try again with RT

With MS pitching in $2 billion to help Dell go private, I'd wager Dell makes at least one more attempt at a RT tablet.


I can see the Surface 2 (RT version) having more returns than normal when what few people who buy them find out they can't run any actual Windows software on it.

Here is what we know:

1 - Windows8RT is dead... even thou MS kind of NEEDS it. Unlike Apple and Google who made their tablets able to run their Phone Apps, MS did something quite stupid.

2 - SurfacePro / X86 tablets at the $1000 price range have a limited pro-market. Where a tablet form factor with WIndows 7 compatibility is needed. It can't not attract the home market... its too expensive. The new Kindle 8,9" XHD starts at $380 with 2500x1600 res. Under $300 for the 7" model. Other Android and of course iPads are easily out selling at $400 and less.

3 - WinX86 Pro Econo-tabs : Asus / Acer tablets running ATOM CPUs... sure they start at $400, but they are not selling like hot cakes... maybe because Metro is ugh, Windows 8 is ugh...

4 - Window 8 on Desktop = Can't say fail enough about this one.

5 - Windows 8 Phone.... doing better than Blackberry, but rated as a worse MobilePhone OS.

6 - Xbone = so hated, so over-priced and under-powered, it may say 2 to 10 to the PS4... which means death pretty much.

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I am far from a M$ fanboi (as you can see in my post history) and yes Microsoft is failing hard in the mobile space but that desktop monopoly still allows them to virtually mint money. This might change in five years but my guess probably not near as much as you think.



How about Zune 2 ?


Even more confusing then

Microsoft ... is altering the branding on the next version, calling it Surface 2 (not Surface RT 2)

So no mention of RT at all in the next one then - crazy

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The XPS sounds good RT Doesn't

There is a reason so many people still use XP

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