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back to article Enormo US reseller Insight rejigs top bods across rest of world

US-owned reseller Insight is clearing out a chunk of heavy duty sales experience to cut its cloth for leaner trade, say The Channel's sources. The reseller made changes to its mid-market leadership team in Q2 after losing market share in the pursuit of bigger deals, when UK sales directors Gregg Pearce and Tim Westbrook left the …


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How to boost profits!

First they could not list the same product as many times as they possibly can. All with the same if maybe slightly different descriptions and prices but the same product. Then keep your products up to date and in stock and priced competitively.

I find myself more and more getting the credit card out than writing a PO because of the mess the business is in. It is usually less hassle and cheaper. Hell even my local small reseller is cheaper and they don't have the bulk buying might that insight should have.

I cannot remember the last quote they provided that was competitive enough for me to use them.

Anonymous Coward

London Office

They have cut stuff in the London (Uxbridge) office dramatically, accounts have gone and they are looking at moving all the people on the 1st floor to the 3rd thats how little staff they have there.

Loads of sales staff are still leaving, in fact 5 left this month already.

Their website STILL throws up errors on Chrome.

The pricing is all over the place.

No one cares there.

Rumors are floating that they might look to move all London operations up North.

Anonymous Coward

From where I'm standing, Insight looks a lot like a sinking ship...

They've been bloody useless for at least a year now in terms of actually processing sales; we got given excuse after excuse about "teething issues with a new, more efficient backend system" but every time I've spoken to the actual sales support team when chasing orders I've been told it's basically down to cutting staff and cutting wages, with the obvious knock-on effect on morale.

I basically won't buy from them anymore. They are still officially one of my organisation's suppliers, but they managed to completely fuck up their order fulfillment stats for so long that we got another supplier who shall not be named added as an alternative option (this being a dependable supplier who generally understands how to do stuff like next-day delivery and so on), and pretty much all orders that might ever have gone to Insight now go to the other supplier instead.

Anon for obv. reasons.

Anonymous Coward

London Office

In reference to the above comments about the London office, I whole heartedly disagree and fear this is someone who knows very little to nothing about Insight.

Moving everyone to one floor? I would love to see the chicken pens we would need to sit in to fit everyone altogether, there are few spare seats over 2 floors!

No-one cares? What does that even mean? Such vague comments serve absolutely no purpose as a comment to the article.

The only sales staff that I see leaving are the very new ones, and that is the nature of sales. Not everyone has what it takes to succeed in the role and attrition can be high in the initial period of someone's sales career. The experienced sales people are all still here in my division.

And error messages in Chrome? I'm on the Insight webpage now using Chrome so frankly don't know what you're talking about. Plus insinuating a technical issue is a sign of lack of development shows how misinformed you are, perhaps you could try reading service emails about issues that are being actively worked on?

Anonymous Coward

The idiot posting comments on here

The Anonymous Coward who posted on Friday has got his facts so gravely wrong.

In fact I bet my bottom dollar he or she is an ex-Insight employee who has nothing better to do....maybe he or she enjoys being a keyboard warrior.

All of the comments this idiot has made are totally false and are bordering on actual falsifying of assume that staff are willingly telling their clients that wages and staff are being cut is absolutely honeslty think any half intelligent sales person would risk being caught (when calls are monitired for training purposes) to openly complain to their key clients about the business they work for?

Let me say that every single business in all sectors are going through many challenges in this economic climate......Insight is not the only reseller and will not be the last in facing these challenges head on until there is light at the end of the tunnel for everyone.....the resellers that are doing well at the moment? Smaller organisations that have a tendancy to sell "grey" stock...and undercut many of the larger players for marketshare.....

I agree with the last comment on this article - people are indeed leaving....but people that unfortunately have not made the grade and are simply not good's not a sinking ship and in fact Insight has e a continual recruitment drive to hire the best of the best out don;t become a bad company overnight and Insight have been one of the leading resellers for 10 years now.

Don't comment if you don't know your facts - it's quite simple......another bit of advice......if you are not happy with the experience, contact a senior manager at Insight who will be more than happy to try and assist any challenges you have personally faced as a customer......but don't be an utter coward and post idiotic statements on here - as if that;s going to help your business!!!

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