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back to article What does the post-Snowden internet need? A price list

Fujitsu’s CTO has warned that moves to localise the internet in the wake of the NSA scandal risk fracturing the system and are ultimately unnecessary given the possibility of better cloud management. Joseph Reger, talking to us last month at the firm’s Fujitsu Forum event, also warned of the security and privacy issues raised …


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"But more importantly, perhaps, Reger’s take on the cloud post-NSA, as well as IoT, also takes into account revenue and profit. And arguably it is these elements that will determine whether we do get an internet that is largely beyond the reach of snoopers, whether they’re in Washington or elsewhere. "

Awesome article.

When the simple, wrong notion that network node ID = personal identity is discounted, "The Snoopers" are fools trying to boiling the pH (dissociation) out of distilled water.

What "Sent from my iPhone" really means is: Sent from my houshold's virtual NIC Card by a toy iPhone my daughter bought for the cat or maybe the hamster.

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With IPv6 the IP = device = person.

With NSA++ secret superpowers the OS/App/Router/Lightbulb/Whatever = trojan

Your browser tracks you.

Your apps track you.

Your logins track you.

Ads track you.

Encryption is cracked.

Cloudy providers can (and will) be compelled to give up your data.

The only privacy you have is keeping your data under your own control at all times and erecting a truly paranoid defense setup. There are no rights against unreasonable search or seizure on the internet.

In fact, if you're a prole, there really are no rights for you on the internet at all.

This is the future that the "awesome" CEO in question embraces. Profit uber alles.

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Interesting article but isn't the IoT better served by seeing where, when and how it evolves in practice rather than trying to overthink its potential?

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it doesn’t give you your face

The point is these are detailed images including the motion including the analytics to detect how are moving except it doesn’t give you your face

"how are moving"?

Is it just me or are there some terrible translation issues in this article?


Tinfoil Hats

Very sadly the Tinfoil Hat lot were right; we are all being watched and tracked all the time.

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I's not as complicated as he makes out: There's stuff you don't care about (things you put on Facebook, for example) stuff you have no way of preventing being intercepted so you accept the price (searches; web surfing and the like) and there's My Shit. The latter should be kept well away from anything cloudy. It's been conclusively proven that the infrastructure; the providers and -to some extent- the encryption cannot be trusted.

Even at best, the cloud still requires:

-Your internet connection

-The intervening servers

-Servers, software and company at the other end be 100% working.

I'll stick with a server I can see from here, thanks. And -unless it can be conclusively proven that only I (and selected (by me!) others) can access them then the Internet of Things is not going to be arriving at Moiety Towers anytime soon.

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"Need to estabilsh trust"


We've heard of it.

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Re: "Need to establish trust"


"Cloud" means I store my data on your computer system. That simple fact establishes these inarguable and incontrovertible corollaries:

1: You have control of your computer system, ergo you have control of my data.

2: You having control of my data means you can give it to anyone who has the power to demand it and also that I have to pay you to store it every month or you'll delete it.

Therefore, 3: No amount of sweet-talking bullshit about "establishing trust" will ever convince me that these facts don't apply to any and every possible cloud solution.

All of which means my important data stays on a machine that belongs to me and is under my control. Anything I put on the cloud will be data I don't mind sharing or losing.

Anonymous Coward

A solved problem

"In the PC world that’s a problem that has essentially been addressed by the trusted compute model"

So all security problems with PCs have been solved? That's good. Thank you gentlemen, move along please, nothing to see here.

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