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back to article Acer writes off MEELLIONS again, scraps raw materials

Beleaguered PC maker Acer is back in the red again after scrapping millions of pounds worth of raw materials inventory as the first move to "dig" itself out of a deepening hole. With a new broom on board - the latest CEO Jason Chen was plonked into the top job back in December - operating under the gaze of founder and returning …


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"50 per cent trusted, 40 per cent liked and 10 per cent respected" OR

D- none of the above, and never have been.



hmmm.....strange that it 80/80/60 with me as far as brand names go with me


Acer will be missed.

Sorry, I know this is going to sound like Astroturf (tm), but I happen to like Acer. I've had a 14 inch Timeline for about a year and a half (which I run Mint on), and I don't think I've ever been happier in the presence of something that does not have a pulse. I'm worried, because Acer seems doomed, and when the sad day comes for this laptop I don't know what I'll find that I will love as much.

Unfortunately, while I disagree with your statement, I have to say I have no idea what the original quote means either. Another bad sign for Acer.

Anonymous Coward

Acer sells crap. Wouldn't touch their garbage with a 15 foot pole.

The previous CEO boasted that they'd be the #1 PC manufacturer. Instead they dropped to 4th or 5th.


That previous CEO was Wong on so many levels..


Of all of the crap I've seen, they're laser/LED projector is nice. Their support still sucks, though. The manual showed a ceiling mount kit in explicit detail. Well, they don't sell it, and referred me to an Acer PC parts supplier to find one. I asked "What's the Acer part number?"... reply... "We don't make one." Pfft! A universal mounting kit won't fit it either. Tough to find those 3mm x 16mm metric screws in the US, but it can be done.


Acer does not do itself many favors

Acer does not do itself many favors by continuing to produce three product lines with three brand names and three distinct images: Gateway once sold quality products. eMachines have generally been pretty awful and cheap. And the Acer product line itself, which has a confusing and vague image. I think it is merely sheer pride of founder Stan Shih that the company is still named Acer. Had I been in charge, I would have called it "Gateway", to trade on fond memories of many long-time Gateway owners. But there is no reason to bring back the cheesy Gateway cow motif.


Acer make some nice products...

They make some very nice tablets, some even have the Acer brand name on.

I believe that hte Nexus 7 and 10 are made for Google by Acer.

On the Windows side the W510 is very good and the W700 is simply outstanding. This last is in a league of its own and should be the benchmark other are striving to meet. It is as good as any fruity product and is a full blown laptop in spec.

It is the usual snob value that has nothing to do with the real quality or usefullness of the product. I don't know about after sales service as I have not had to use it. My W700 just keeps going.....

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