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back to article Ads watchdog underclocks reseller's 9.2GHz AMD CPU claim

PC supplier Valatech - operator of website - has had its wrist slapped for claiming in an advertisement that a 2.3GHz quad-core processor runs at an overall speed fo 9.2GHz. The ad drew a single complaint which maintained that a running speed of 9.2GHz was not technically possible to achieve with a 2.3GHz …


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@ AC 2nd October 2009 15:45 GMT

"HDD manufacturers had been selling HDD's with capacities where kilo was base ten long before this."

Any manufacturers doing that were naughty, but I've pesonally never come across any HDs using that scheme before 1998 (then again, I didn't use them much before then anyway - lol).

I agree base 2 lends itself to easier low-level programming because of the nature of binary and hardware arrays, but that's what you get when wisdom is substituted by bureaucrats .

As it stands *today*, HD manufacturers aren't being deceptive with their capacities.


@ Steve 6 - RMS Power

Steve 6,

RMS of any (pure) sine wave is (roughly) .707 of peak amplitude, be it voltage, current, power, velocity of chipmunk excretia, what have you.

If you are trying to get RMS power and have measured peak voltage (or current) and want RMS power (and know the load), *then* the v-squared (or I squared) will get you the 0.5 factor.



Actually, I am correct - you are also technically correct.

Average power is usually referred to as RMS power, which is wrong terminology, but like I said "in English..."

Pave = Vrms * Irms = Vpeak^2/2R



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