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back to article Intel to leave desktop motherboard market

Intel has decided to stop making desktop motherboards. Except one. In a statement sent to El Reg, a Chipzilla spokesdroid told us “In order to focus on new and innovative areas in desktop computing, Intel has made the decision to ramp down the Desktop Motherboard Business over the course of the next three years.” Motherboard …


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Intel reliable?

I find all these postings praising Intel boards for reliability a bit odd, many (many) moons ago, around the time of the 440BX chipset, Intel managed to mess up a chipset up so badly that it offered to buy and refund boards made by others, in my case it a Super-micro board that had the defective intel chipset.

I sent them the board, somewhere in Scotland, and never received a refund. Apparently they sub-contracted their repairs, and then fell out with and changed the repair company. After a year and a half of trying, I gave up, Intel having done me out of money in effect.

At some point, Intel also replaced my P90 processor. Yes, I had a buggy one, though it was such an obscure bug, I was living with the chip just fine, but took the opportunity to have it replaced for free.

As for who's reliable, my PC building goes back to the days of 80386 (I had a 286 machine before that, but it was not self built), and I've had virtually every brand (many more than once), Gigabyte, Asus, Jetway, Intel, Supermicro, MSI and others. I've had boards fail from each one of them, some after years, some after a few weeks (e.g. an Asus board's North Bridge heat-sink cooling fan packed in). Oh and yes, both AMD and Intel based boards too. Can't remember the last time I bought an Intel board, had forgotten that they even made them.

Currently we've got an MSI Ivybridge board, a Gigabyte Intel board, and an Asus AMD board. All running fine.



This topic is closed for new posts.



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